AI Name Generator generating domain names

How To Use ChatGPT as an AI Name Generator


You’re ready to take the next step in legitimizing your business or project. Only you need a domain name! When choosing a domain name, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, we can harness the power of AI to help us at this stage of our venture. ChatGPT can be a helpful launching point as your AI name generator. The tool can simplify your search by providing concise results. With ChatGPT as your AI name generator, you generate a list of potential domains relevant to your project.

Depending on your version, ChatGPT can be your free AI name generator and create endless results for name suggestions. It’s easy to use to streamline your domain search and act as a creative asset to the naming process. ChatGPT can save the time of throwing names at a drawing board and provide you with appropriate suggestions based on the details you enter.

How to write a specific prompt to generate a domain in ChatGPT

With ChatGPT, you input text into the chatbot bar. In response, the technology analyzes the data and predicts the best answer to your query. When searching for domains, you can brainstorm ideas by providing keywords and relevant details to your business. If your business idea is to offer digital marketing courses, you can utilize the phrase “digital marketing course domain ideas” as a prompt in ChatGPT. ChatGPT will then generate a list of ideas based on your search.

Which details about your business should you provide in your prompt?

ChatGPT becomes even more helpful as an AI name generator when you use specific details in your prompt. Before submitting a prompt, consider the details of your business or project that sets it apart from others. The clearer your prompt is, the more precise results ChatGPT will yield. You’ll also want to edit your prompt to be concise and remove unnecessary filler language. While your prompt does not need to be lengthy, it’s important to include pertinent details—the text limit for a ChatGPT prompt is generally around 500 words.

  • The name or ideas for your business.
  • The most essential functions of your business.
  • The location of your project or business.
  • Who your business is for, such as busy professionals, remote workers, or those who would rather be in nature than tied to a computer.
  • What your business offers.
  • A keyword you'd like to include.
  • The industry your project falls under.
  • The ethos of your brand. Is it luxury, accessible, inclusive, user-friendly?

How to use ChatGPT as an AI Name Generator if you haven't settled on a brand name yet

Choosing a brand name is essential in the early stages of building a business. ChatGPT can be particularly helpful even if you haven’t chosen your brand name because it can offer both, depending on your directions. Simply describe your business idea in your prompt and mention that you are searching for business names. A prompt could read, “Generate a list of 5 domain names for an online book reselling business, including business name suggestions.”

ChatGPT can help you discover names you might not have thought of when naming your project. It also may compose suggestions for a relevant domain name even if your business name differs, which may be appropriate in some instances. You can plug a project description using the criteria above, such as who it’s for, your industry, location, or what it offers.

Other criteria to include in your prompt

  • Number of words you’d like to have in your domain name or the overall character length.
  • Number of names you'd like ChatGPT to generate.
  • Which words not to use.
  • A guideline of the domain style you are going for, such as "easy to remember" or "catchy."

You could utilize a prompt that says, “Write a list of 10 domain name suggestions for a luxury spa without using the word luxury.” If you have not yet named your brand and end up with an irrelevant list of names, edit your prompt to focus on a few points of specific criteria. If you don’t like the names you see, edit your prompt by adding or omitting information points, and ChatGPT will continue offering suggestions.

How to narrow down your options after ChatGPT generation

One limitation when using ChatGPT As an AI name generator is that it does not assess domains for availability. So, just because it generates a great name doesn’t mean that name is up for grabs. After you narrow down your list, you’ll take your domain ideas to a domain registrar and ensure your selection is available.

When you have a list of suitable names from your ChatGPT domain name generator, you’ll want to consider the length, keywords, brand name, and how memorable the domain name is. When narrowing down your options, synchronicity with the most critical parts of your criteria is essential. Suppose you have a memorable domain name without your location, and your location is relevant to the brand, such as a restaurant in Napa Valley. In that case, it might serve you to list the state letters for California, especially if other restaurants have the same or similar names elsewhere. Ensure your domain name is unique enough.

When you distill your list, you’ll also want to consider the domain extensions available before searching, such as .com, .org, or .net. The domain type you use may be important for your brand, and you can include any preferences in your initial prompt.

ChatGPT can be a powerful marketing assistant in the domain naming phase, generating endless ideas based on your unique criteria. You’ll want to narrow your list to relevant, memorable names that encapsulate your project or brand. When using ChatGPT for domain names, specificity in your prompt is key.