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Beau Hartshorne - Co-founder & CEO

Beau Hartshorne

Co-founder & CEO

Beau, a software developer, built Instant Domain Search in 2005 to help businesses quickly get online. In 2006, he created Snipshot, an early online image editor, as part of Y Combinator. Beau then joined Facebook, where he played key roles on the growth, photos, and mobile teams. In 2022, Beau and the team raised funds to build even more advanced tools to help creators thrive.

Dirkjan Ochtman - Co-founder & CTO

Dirkjan Ochtman

Co-founder & CTO

Dirkjan is responsible for the core platforms that allow our customers to focus on what they love to do. As a software developer for more than 20 years, Dirkjan is motivated by deep technical challenges and strategies for how technology can serve us better. Dirkjan is a passionate advocate for open source software and a core contributor to many important open source projects. You can find Dirkjan’s GitHub here.

Aleya Samji - Head of Design

Aleya Samji

Head of Design

Aleya joined Strobe in 2022 with decades of experience leading design strategy for digital products. Before joining our team, Aleya served as VP of Design and Product at Stocksy United. Before that, Aleya led her own creative agency, where she designed and developed many new brands and products for consumers. As Head of Design at Strobe, Aleya and her team lead customer research, product design, and marketing.

Nicholas Rempel - Member of Technical Staff

Nicholas Rempel

Member of Technical Staff

Nicholas contributes to product strategy and the development of software at Strobe. Previously, he co-founded Servmetrics, which was a tool for delivery restaurants to track customer satisfaction. His experience also includes collaborating with the British Columbia government on a project to improve transparency in their corporate registry using Hyperledger Indy as well as working with several startups in the Victoria area. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and experimenting with new technology.


Strobe is backed by investors including Slow Ventures, Y Combinator, and current and former executives at Meta, OpenAI, Uber, and Dropbox.